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Commerce Marketplace and Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C.

With Commerce Marketplace, brands can now diversify revenue streams by utilizing third-party sellers to fill product catalog gaps without incurring the costs of manufacturing inventory; increase profitability by earning commissions from third-party sellers in your marketplace channel; and reduce inventory risk and eliminate the possibility of out-of-stock products by providing substitutes from other pertinent businesses or brands.

The Commerce Marketplace has three important components:

  • Seller Portal (Core)
    • This is the platform where sellers manage their catalog (prices, promotions, inventory), shipping methods, orders... and last but not least, where they obtain their sales information.
  • Marketplace Center (Core)
    • Through the Marketplace Center, the owner of the Marketplace can manage Sellers, commissions, catalog management (product match), order management and access all types of sales reports.
  • Marketplace Storefront (SFCC B2C)
    • Where customers make purchases and carry out all kinds of procedures with vendors/sellers.

One of the most important points is the integration between the vendor management platform (Core) and the Strorefront (SFCC B2C), well this integration is solved as standard via native connectors provided by Salesforce.

Here you have some Salesforce official resources where you can find more information about Commerce Marketplace: (*)

(*) I will keep this resources updated with the upcoming trailheads for Commerce Marketplace.