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B2C Commerce - Release 23.1

The B2C Commerce 23.1 release occurs Nov. 29, 2022 through Jan. 26, 2023.

The main changes are summarized below:

  • Data Retention Has New Limits.
    • Strict 180 days data retention for code and data replications.
  • OCAPI 23.1 - Basket Flash Validation Update.
    • All Shop API resources that create or return a basket now works the property selection mechanist .
  • OCAPI 23.1 - Use Selectors with Expressions.
    • Expression-based selectors now function properly when objects have a property containing markup text.
  • Create Orders from Stored Information with Salesforce Payments.
    • You can reuse the payment information details from placed orders, the payer's saved payment credentials, or off-session tokens from a prior payment. (💡 for subscriptions and/or reorder)
  • Migrate Deprecated Custom Jobs to Step-Based Jobs.
    • New migration tool to convert your deprecated custom jobs to step-based jobs.
  • Use a Unified URL for Your On-Demand Sandboxes.
    • Access your on-demand sandboxes with a unified cluster-agnostic host name.
      • ODS pattern: <realm>-<instanceId>
      • B2C centralized admin API server:
  • Configure a Max-Age for HSTS.
    • You can now configgure the max-age for HSTS setting.

For further information, check here (SFCC B2C Official Release Documentation)