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How to know the assigned "POD number" in a SFCC instance

When Merchants purchase a SFCC realm all the information regarding to instances is provided by Salesforce, but there is "other" way to find it if you misplaced the mail. 😅

Well, you can find the POD number by browsing at the Log Center via Business Manager.

To access the Log Center. This is how:

  • Click the Administration tab after starting Business Manager.
  • Select Development Setup from Site Development.
  • Go to WebDAV Access and choose "Log Center".

The URL shows in the browser address bar when Log Center launches. The Log Center URL follows a particular pattern:


For instance, the Merchant sandbox instance's Log Center URL indicates that the POD number is 42.

Just for the records... But.. What is a POD in SFCC B2C?

A POD, which is sometimes referred to as an instance, is a kind of "container" that includes everything needed to operate Salesforce, including the application server, database server, database itself, search engine, and file system. Each Merchant is assigned to a single POD, which is where their data is stored.

An example of the need to use it would be to check a B2C Commece Status at Salesforce Trust site , then you would need to know your instance POD number 😉 

For further information, check the Official documentation here.