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B2C Commerce - Release 22.9

The B2C Commerce 22.9 release occurs Aug 18, 2022 through Oct. 4, 2022.

Some of the main points in this release are: 

  • Venmo as a Payment Service (Business Manager > Ordering > Salesforce Payments)
  • Payments Enhancements (Afterpay as a Buy Now, Pay Later Payment Service)
  • Page Designer Enhancements (Copy Component, Locale-Based Visibility, and Performance)
  • Shopper Context Enhancements (Personalize based on source code and set store-specific promotions)
  • Account Manager: Deprecation of Unsupported User Roles & Permissions
  • Deprecation Announcement for UUID Token for API Clients in Account Manager (planned in 2023)
  • Deprecation Announcement for SCAPI actions/login
  • Origin Shielding Phase 2 ( lockdown)

For further information check here.