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B2C Commerce - Release 22.4

The B2C Commerce 22.4 release occurs March 17, 2022 through March 29, 2022.

Summary - Main Points: 

  • Managed Runtime - Improved Storefront Logging (PWA-Kit)
  • Display Settings of Variation Groups in Search + Grid Pages
  • Caching for OCAPI GET Products API
  • New OCAPI version 22.4
    • Data API: It is now possible to search and sort by creation_date and lastmodified_date in the Data API searches
    • Shop API: A new flag for guest at the Order response document allows to determine, if the order has been created by a guest or registered customer
  • Account Manager: Deprecation of Unsupported User Roles & Permissions (Retirement date: May 2022)
  • Multi-Factor Auth Enforcement for Commerce Cloud (MFA is enforced in May 2022)
  • Password Grant Type Best Practices (MFA is enforced in May 2022)
  • Origin Shielding Phase 2 ( lockdown, August 15, 2022)

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