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B2C Commerce - Release 23.7

The version 23.7 of B2C Commerce is set to roll out from June 15 to July 25, 2023, bringing new and enhanced features..

  • Configure Promotion Search Refinement with OCAPI and SCAPI
    • Promotion Search Refinement can now be configured using OCAPI and SCAPI in B2C Commerce. The updated APIs allow for a more nuanced promotion search, presenting results that highlight promotional or sale items, thereby aiding customers in their shopping experience.
  • Get Coupon-Based Promotions with New Script API
    • A new Script API, PromotionMgr.getActiveCustomerPromotions(boolean ignoreCouponCondition), has been introduced. When set to true, it reveals all active promotions, including those that are coupon-based. This functionality can be employed to showcase promotions on your digital storefront, such as highlighting coupon-based promotions on product detail or list pages.
  • Improve Product Discoverability with the Google Inventory Listings Cartridge
    • Product discoverability is set to improve with the Google Inventory Listings Cartridge, a B2C Commerce direct integration feature. With this cartridge, you can list products from your local stores on Google's free product listings, enhancing visibility to nearby shoppers and potentially increasing in-store visits.
  • Receive Rejected Order Alerts in Business Manager
    • The B2C Commerce Business Manager has been upgraded to show an alert notification for orders rejected by Salesforce Order Management. Any user with access to the Business Manager's orders module can view and act upon these alerts. Furthermore, these alerts can be received on Slack, provided the Business Manager instance is connected to Slack.
  • Script API Sort Methods Are Stable
    • In compliance with ECMAScript 2019, the Script API sorting methods Array.sort() and Array.sort(function) in B2C Commerce have been declared as stable, ensuring that elements of equal value do not get rearranged in the sorting process.

For further information, check this SFCC B2C official link.