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B2C Commerce - Release 23.6

The 23.6 version of B2C Commerce is scheduled for release between May. 11, 2023 and Jun. 20, 2023.

This recap underlines the key functionalities that have been added in this version:

  • Improve Search Capability and Performance on Storefront  
    • The B2C Commerce's new search settings enhance the storefront search's scale and performance for keyword search and product browsing. It speeds up page load times for large product catalogs when handling search results beyond a set limit. This results in faster outcomes for shoppers doing keyword searches, refinement calculations, product groupings, sorting, and category browsing. Additionally, if your storefront doesn't utilize search refinement counts, there's a setting to further enhance refinement calculation and page load times.
  • Ensure Certificate Hostnames are Verified
    • B2C Commerce has introduced a feature to validate the hostname in the HTTPS certificate for outgoing connections, reducing the risk of connecting to an incorrect host. Failures in verification can be identified by searching the logs with the phrase "Host name verification failed". This validation can be turned off for specific requests using the new setHostNameVerification method in the HTTPClient script API.
  • Automatically Renew CDN Certificates
    • From April 19, 2023, you can set up automatic renewal of Cloudflare provisioned SSL certificates if you manage your own. This feature saves time, ensures deadlines are met, and aids in managing eCDN on staging instances. Auto-renewal, accessible only via the CDN-API and exclusively for Cloudflare certificates, can be set up for development, staging, and production instances. You can auto-renew up to five certificates per realm without incurring additional costs.
  • Implement Custom Firewall Rules through the CDN-API
    • The B2C Commerce CDN-API has been updated to support the creation of custom firewall rules for improved rule enforcement. The API allows for specific traffic targeting based on path or user agent. By February 1, 2024, these custom rules will replace the existing firewall rules for IP, ASN, and Geo, providing a more comprehensive firewall management system.
  • Configure CDN Logpush
    • The CDN-API allows for the storage of firewall events and CDN logpush for HTTP requests in your S3 bucket, offering immediate log visibility. It enhances the visibility of HTTP requests and firewall events in the CDN logs, which are also available for eCDN implementations.

For further information, check this SFCC B2C official link.