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B2C Commerce - Release 23.5

The B2C Commerce 23.5 release occurs April. 7, 2023 through May. 16, 2023.

This summary highlights the main features introduced in this release:

  • Manage Orders Rejected by Salesforce Order Management 
    • Now, on the Business Manager Orders page, you can cancel, terminate, and re-submit orders that have been declined by Salesforce Order Management.
  • Elimination of Code Profiler Wait Times from CSV Report
    • Code profiler wait times, encompassing both Wait Time Own and Wait Time Total, are no longer assessed. These figures have been extracted from the B2C Commerce CSV report, which continues to maintain backward compatibility.
  • Export Number-Type Attributes in Decimal Formats
    • In order to accommodate commerce business scenarios, custom attributes with a Number type are now exported in decimal format (xsd:decimal) rather than as a string format (xsd:string). To keep using the xsd:string format, you can switch the default setting in Business Manager to the traditional xsd:string format.
  • Enhance Search Outcomes through Autocorrection Implementation
    • Allow search to utilize configured synonyms during autocorrection or autocompletion of a user's search query. If the original query aligns with synonym entries, the search incorporates the synonyms. The search takes into account both the initial query and the autocorrected version when performing autocorrection. In the past, if a query underwent autocorrection or autocompletion, matching synonym groups for the original search phrase were not taken into consideration.
  • Record User Access to Personal Identification Information
    • Set up Business Manager to create security log entries when a user accesses a shopper's personal identification information (PII) within the Order module. Upon clicking a button, tab, or field that reveals a shopper's PII, the security log is updated with information regarding the time, person, and specific data viewed. For instance, when a user examines an order, the security log records a timestamp, the user, and the viewed order number.

For further information, check this SFCC B2C official link.