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B2C Commerce - Release 23.3

The B2C Commerce 23.3 release occurs Feb. 9, 2023 through Mar. 9, 2023.

The following summarizes the main changes that this release brings:

  • Successful Jobs Are Not Currently Registered in Log
    • Successful job steps for custom and global jobs with dedicated log files are no longer logged in the global job log file, Splunk, or Log Center in order to enhance the efficiency of log volume. Successful job steps are still available for reviewing in the relevant log file.
  • ISV Partners May Immediately Get a Trial Sandbox Upon Registration
    • Independent software vendor (ISV) partners for B2C Commerce can now obtain a trial sandbox environment shortly after enrolling in the AppExchange Partner program. ISV partner prospects who register on the Partner Recruiting page can choose to participate in a 90-day trial sandbox. A trial sandbox is immediately provisioned when the ISV partner submits their information, and they are sent an email with their sandbox credentials.
  • Buy Now Items Get Their Own Cart
    • Now, customers using the Buy Now express checkout won't lose the items in their existing shopping cart. A separate cart is used for purchases during the Buy Now express checkout. Upgrade the Payments plug-in (plugin_commercepayments) to the most recent version in order to use this functionality.
  • Guest Basket Lifetime Limit Is Increased
    • Now, a guest customer basket's lifetime is limited to the shorter of 30 days or the lifetime of a registered customer basket. Formerly, it was the shorter of 7 days or the lifetime of the registered customer's basket. The BM Basket Preferences UI and Basket Preferences Import both use this restriction for input validation. If it isn't set, for instance, for the basket cleanup operation, it also has an impact on resolving the guest basket lifetime.
  • Enable the Shopper Context API in Business Manager
    • In Business Manager, the toggle for the Shopper Context function is now available. If you wish to access the API with each B2C Commerce instance, use the toggle.

For further information, check this SFCC B2C official link.