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B2C Commerce - Release 23.2

The B2C Commerce 23.2 release occurs Jan. 17, 2023 through Feb. 21, 2023.

The following is a summary of the key changes:

  • Improved Page Designer Usability and Structure
    • The canvas editor's Page Designer page structure has been updated. All of the assets on your page are described in the asset hierarchy. Additionally, there is a better visible correlation between what is selected in the canvas and where it is on the page hierarchy.
  • More Easily Move Components in Page Designer
    • In Page Designer, dragging components is now easier to understand. Know exactly where a component can go. Additionally, until another selection in the canvas is made, the dropped component stays in focus and is highlighted when you reload the page.
  • In Page Designer, Save and Return to the Same Canvas Location
    • You are now returned to the same canvas location when the page reloads when you save a canvas action in Page Designer. You had previously been returned to the canvas's top.
  • When calculating VAT, go farther
    • It is now possible to compute taxes and utilize rounding based on tax groups, as required by law in Japan. The formula makes advantage of the Group site preference for the new Tax Rounding Level. To allow modification, the tax groups are made available via Script API and OCAPI.
  • Increased Guest Basket Lifetime Limit
    • Now, a guest customer basket's lifetime is limited to the shorter of 30 days and the lifetime of a registered customer basket. Before, it was the shorter of 7 days and the lifetime of the registered customer's basket. The BM Basket Preferences UI and Basket Preferences Import both use this restriction for input validation. If it isn't set, for instance, for the baskets cleanup operation, it also has an impact on resolving the guest basket lifetime.
  • Optimise the Regional Settings for Your Site
    • All of the variables required to transform numbers and dates into strings are now completely within your control in Business Manager. To add Locale information, use the new Format Symbols tab and regional parameters.
  • Access Page Designer with SCAPI
    • You may now integrate content developed in Page Designer to your B2C Commerce headless implementation via the Shopper Experience SCAPI API. For pages made in Page Designer, check up page information using the SCAPI Shopper Experience API. The responses from the Shopper Experience API include:
      • The page's complete component hierarchy while it was being designed.
      • At design time, all merchant data provided.
      • Data provided at run time for server-side scripting.
  • Configure Payments for a Future or Immediate Payment Capture
    • Setting up current or upcoming payment captures is possible using the SalesforcePaymentRequest script API. The site-level payment settings may be overridden using this technique, giving you more control over how payments are captured.

For further information, check this SFCC B2C official link.