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B2C Commerce - Release 22.3

The B2C Commerce 22.3 release occurs February 17, 2022 through March 22, 2022.

Main Points: 

  • Hybrid Storefronts for SFRA and PWA
    • Allows customers to unlock the agility and innovation of headless commerce faster
    • Get Shopper Login and Access Service (SLAS) benefits within SFRA via new SLAS for SFRA cartridge (e.g. longer cart persistence, longer shopper login duration)
    • Option to incrementally roll out a headless approach
  • Hook Extensibility for Salesforce Commerce APIs
    • The ability for developers to extend the Salesforce Commerce APIs using the power of the B2C Commerce script engine
    • Enormous amount of flexibility for developers to implement more complex or targeted use cases
  • PWA Kit Multi-Site and Localization
    • PWA Kit Multi-Site and Localization
    • Multi-site maintenance scales more efficiently, instead of managing one project per site
    • Easier for developers to deploy multiple brands and multiple regions
  • PWA Kit Quick Start
    • Allows developers to get started immediately with PWA Kit
  • Complete the Set Enhancements: Generate Sets for New Products (plus New Verticals)
  • Product SKU Assignments for Page Templates
  • 22.3 Bug Fixes & Internal Release Notes
    • Rule-Based Product Categorization - value selection for string attributes with “is one of” selector not working
    • Order import does not import gift flag and gift message for product line items
    • OrderCustomer Attributes are not shown for order in Business Manager
    • On STG shutdown, running replication was marked as failed
  • Business Manager UI Refresh (Generally Available: March 2022)
  • Account Manager: Deprecation of Unsupported User Roles & Permissions (Retirement date: May 2022)
  • Multi-Factor Auth Enforcement for Commerce Cloud (MFA is enforced in May 2022)
  • Password Grant Type Best Practices (MFA is enforced in May 2022)
  • Origin Shielding Phase 2 ( lockdown, August 15, 2022)

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