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B2C Commerce - Release 22.10

The B2C Commerce 22.10 release occurs Sept. 29, 2022 through Oct. 27, 2022.

Some of the main points in this release are: 

  • Configure eCDN Zones for Staging Instances
  • Let Admins Self-Provision Order Integration
  • TikTok for Business Integration on Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Origin Shielding Phase 3
  • Authorize Agents to Assist Shoppers with the Trusted Agent on Behalf Service
  • Negative Allocation Amounts in PUT/PATCH /inventory_lists/{}/product_inventory_records/{} Are Disallowed
  • beforePOST_v2 replaces the Hook
  • Shopper Context API Enhancement
  • Secondary Instance Group Sandbox Stop Function is Deprecated (Not apply on ODS)

For further information check here.