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B2C Commerce - Release 22.1

The B2C Commerce 22.1 release occurs December 2, 2021 through January 25, 2022.

Main Points: 

  • The SCAPI Report
    • The SCAPI (Salesforce Commerce API) report is a newly added report in the Technical dashboard.
    • It provides insight into your site’s Commerce API requests.
    • The report metrics are updated daily. All times are in GMT.
  • On-Demand Sandbox Usage Statistics
    • minutesUp: Sum of minutes sandboxes in this realm were running during the requested timeframe.
    • minutesDown: Sum of minutes sandboxes in this realm were not running during the requested timeframe.
  • Rule-Based Product Categorization - 2 Bug Fixes Live
    • Date Picker UI Fixed
    • Category ID Selection Fixed
  • Business Manager Analytics Retirement (Retirement date: Mid January 2022)
  • CEDCommerce Integration Marketplace Aggregator
  • Account Manager: Deprecation of Unsupported User Roles & Permissions (Retirement date: May 2022)
    • Account Manager Roles being deprecated:
      • SLAS Organization Admin role
      • XChange roles
      • Documentation User, Documentation Linguist, Documentation Reviewer
      • Reports and Dashboards Service User
      • User
      • Business Manager Partner

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