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B2C Commerce - Release 23.6

The B2C Commerce 23.6 update, slated for release between May 11 and June 20, 2023, introduces several key features. These include improvements in storefront search scalability and performance for keyword search and product browsing, leading to faster results and improved page load times for large product catalogs. B2C Commerce now also validates hostnames in HTTPS certificates for outgoing connections, reducing the risk of misconnections. The release introduces the option for automatic renewal of Cloudflare provisioned SSL certificates for those who self-manage their certificates. The B2C Commerce CDN-API now supports custom firewall rules for improved rule enforcement and provides immediate log visibility through the new CDN Logpush setup. All these enhancements contribute to a more efficient and secure user experience.

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The Pivotal Role of a Technical Architect in Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has become a powerful platform for businesses looking to streamline their e-commerce operations. In this blog 'pill', we'll explore the role of a Technical Architect in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, their key responsibilities, and how they contribute to the successful implementation of a robust and efficient e-commerce platform. From understanding business requirements to designing and implementing technical solutions, a Technical Architect's expertise is essential in achieving a seamless digital shopping experience for customers.

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A Salesforce Commerce Cloud Project

Throughout these years I have participated in the creation of more than 50 ecommerces on different technologies. Today I would like to share a proposal from the team that I consider necessary to carry out a successful project in Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C.

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